Pakistani Students Association at UOIT-DC


Cricket Session Rules and Regulations

All participants must sign the consent forms taking liability for any damage to equipment belonging to Pakistani Students Association (PSA), the UOIT Athletics or any other party as well as any property damage. Any damage(s) caused by a player is player's own responsibility. PSA is in no way responsible for the action(s) of any of the participants.

1) Each side gets 6 overs to bat/bowl.
2) Maximum allowed time to bowl 6 overs in 20 minutes. After that match will be declared and winner decided based on average.
3) Wides do not count. 1 run will be awarded to the batting side.
5) No-balls do not count. 1 run awarded to the batting side. Only run out can cause the dismissal of the batsman/runner.
6) No last man play!
7) Only 7 players are permitted on the floor for the fielding side.
8) Fielders may be substituted with extra players. However, any bowler(s) cannot be substituted for a fielder.
9) No substituted player is allowed to bowl.
10) all 8 players may bat: 7 must be bowled out!

10) Umpires will be chosen from the teams not currently playing.
11) Umpires' words are final. They can change the decision if they deem fit.
12) No arguing will be permitted with the umpires.
13) Scores will be kept by scoring umpire (score keeper)

14) Bowled, caught and run outs are the only way a batsman can be dismissed. No LBW! 15) Bat throwing will result in the immediate dismissal of the batsman. Batsman will be barred from playing ever again!
16) Tapping the bat on the ground is not permitted. One (1) warning will be given. Batsman will be dismissed at the second (2nd) occurrence. No Arguments!

17) Fours (4s) and sixes (6s) are to be awarded only for the wall opposing the batsman. No boundaries on the side walls
18) Short runs will not count.
19) No crossing is allowed except for during a catch out!

20) Bats will be provided by Pakistani Students Association (PSA). Any equipment damage is the person's own responsibility and is liable for the payment of the equipment
21) Two new balls will be given to the team captain at the start of the innings. Captain must return the balls to (Noaman) or (Haseeb) at the end of the innings.
22) Captains who fail to return the balls after their bowling inning is over will not get any new balls for the next match!